Don't Sleep The Summer Away

Most motorists think only of their car or truck's thermostat only when it comes to getting winter heat out of their in-car heater. Yet not checking your radiator's thermostat can result in engine overheating resulting in major auto repairs during the upcoming summer driving season. The thermostat (some motors use several) can cause overheating resulting in major engine damage and repair costs. Regardless of whether you are going to have extra demanding summertime driving via a summer vacation auto trip, pulling a boat or trailer behind your car, truck or Sports Utility Vehicle or simply tooling around town its best to have your radiator's thermostat checked out. On top of that its relatively simple engine repair and testing work that you may be able to do yourself - to save costs.

Save money on food while traveling: There was a time when families traveled with a picnic basket full of sandwiches and a thermos. Those days might be returning. It’s also not a bad idea to ask for a hotel room with a kitchenette or a microwave where food from the grocery or leftovers from the previous night’s meal might be warmed up.

You will go through magazines and brochures and websites, and you will talk with friends about their vacations. You will put quite a bit of time and energy into planning this special event and you will have fun doing so. Who doesn’t want to plan for a vacation? You probably often also hear that planning the vacation is almost as much fun as being on the vacation!

Even though there's still only 24 hours in a day, the extra hours of sunlight somehow make the day feel longer. Use the "extra" time to start actively working on your dream. For example…

It is possible to embrace summer while also keeping your business running. So here are 5 tips for staying productive, even during your summer “vacation.”

There is only so much time in the day that you can spend keeping your children occupied. And what makes matters worse is you really do not like all the time your kids spend on their game consoles playing those shooting games. But this is where our cool arcade games, sports games, and more comes in to save the day. Not only can we guarantee there will be no carnage involved but also that we offer games that will also help educate your children.

Your parents can help you find a job you will cope with. Ask them to find out, if there are any vacancies in the companies they work for a student without a degree. There is a high probability that it will work out.

Encourage your kids to think of local things to do. So many parents are caught up in vacations that require extensive travel when a host of activities (many free) exist right outside your back door. Check out the state parks, many of which offer swimming holes and hiking trails and plan day trips that will acquaint your child with their home state. Also, look for some inexpensive camps that may be offered by the schools which can keep your kids interested or peak an interest in sports, arts or crafts.